MetaTrader MT4 platform

The FinTec Global Markets MT4 Terminal offers a number of impressive analytical tools


MetaTrader is the most popular front-end application in the industry. FinTec Global Markets MT4 has taken the MetaTrader MT4 platform and introduced its liquidity to create a user-friendly front-end trading interface with interbank liquidity and fast execution. The FinTec Global Markets MT4 Terminal is a perfectly equipped trader’s workplace that allows trading in the financial markets (Forex, CFD and Futures). It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). It represents the all-in-one concept and is derived from the most popular trading terminal in the world. * MT4 can be installed on Mac OS through Wine. Although this is not an official release by FinTec Global Markets or MetaQuotes, it is a workaround for Mac users to have the MT4 terminal on their system.

There are nine timeframes available for each financial instrument that provides detailed analysis of quote dynamics. More than 30 built-in indicators and tools help simplify the analysis, enabling to determine trends, define various shapes, determine entry and exit points, etc. Besides, one object can be applied over another one, which comes in very useful in various trading systems.

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